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Install it YOURSELF, Radiant Floor Heating Systems

If you have searched for a place to purchase radiant floor materials but have come up empty handed, search no more. We are a specialty wholesale house who cuts out the middle-man, we sell direct to you, the do it yourselfer, or you, the contractor.

When a home is heated with a radiant floor heating system, it provides ultimate comfort.

We design, supply and support the highest quality radiant floor heating systems on the market. We manufacture the Hydronic Heat and Flow® pumping board complete with a high efficient electric micro-boiler. With our more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in the radiant floor industry, and our commitment to customer service ensures that you will get the best radiant heat system at the very best price.

Discover the Benefits of a Radiant Heat System:

Comfort - It may be freezing outside, but your radiant heat system will keep you warm from head to toe. Nothing compares to the comfort and surrounding warmth of a radiant heat system in your home.

Efficiency - Radiant Heat is the most efficient heating system. Radiant floor heat costs 20%-40% less to heat your home than a forced air heating system.

Zoning - With radiant heat, you can zone different areas of your home to different temperatures to fit your lifestyle.

Flexibility - A radiant floor heating system can be installed under any type of flooring, such as carpeting, tile, linoleum, wood laminate floors, etc.

Nationwide, we have helped thousands of homeowners with their radiant heating system installations. Let us help you, do your radiant floor heating system

Radiant and More® provides affordable, high-quality radiant floor heating system, products and specializes in designing complete radiant floor heating packages with complete, easy to follow installation instructions including CAD tubing layouts, mechanical schematics and low and high voltage schematics. We offer affordable, high-quality radiant heating systems that are simple, easy to install, trouble-free and very efficient. Give us a call today.

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